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The history of the successful development of the factory began in 2003, on the basis of a powerful raw material production based on the manufacture of furniture boards, from hardwoods: oak, elm, ash; coniferous species: larch, pine, which has the international quality standard JAS, as well as exotic species: tiger tree, gabon, wenge and many other species. An important component of the development is the staff of the factory, and the availability of high-tech Italian equipment that meets high demands on productivity and quality of products. The accumulated experience allows to approach the issue of organization of production, sales and services provisionally. At all stages of the production process, strict quality control is an indispensable condition. The most important factor of the factory's success is its close relationship with customers, orientation to their needs. The presence of an experienced design team and modern equipment allows us to develop and implement exclusive products at the request of the customer, complex furniture for large private and public facilities, as well as make analogues of Italian furniture in catalogs.